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Liz's Place Rescue Resource Center is a new approach to helping both homeless animals and owned pets in Central Virginia.  A subsidiary of Sanctuary Rescue, Liz's Place targets three areas to help animals get out of municipal animal shelters and then provide resources to help keep them out through adoptions, affordable routine vet care, and accessible dog training resources.

Sanctuary Rescue has been a mainstay in dog rescue in the Midlothian area for the past dozen-plus years, but as things have gotten more and more challenging in animal welfare post-pandemic, we decided it was time for a change -- or really more of an addition.  Sanctuary Rescue's mission remains the same, to offer high-quality rescue for dogs in crowded shelters, but we wanted to do more to make a difference in the lives of not only the animals in these shelters but the humans that work at the shelters and bear the burden of a broken system, and Liz's Place Rescue Resource Center was born.

The goal of Liz's Place Rescue Resource Center is to provide an inclusive, hopeful, and loving place for our community to learn more about shelter and rescue animals, to offer resources to help keep owned animals in their homes and to provide adoption support to local animal control agencies.


To learn more about Sanctuary Rescue and our adoption process and to view our adoptable animals, please visit www.SanctuaryRescue.Com.


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"All is paw-sible when you rescue a dog." - unknown

As an arm of Sanctuary Rescue, Liz's Place Rescue Resource Center is a 501c3 nonprofit.  Since all programs at Liz's Place are low or no cost, we gladly accept tax-deductible donations to help us continue to help animals in need. Donations can be made here:

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