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Training & Socialization

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One of the goals of Liz's Place is to provide a puppy training and socialization option for pet owners "South of the James," as well as providing access to knowledgeable trainers for anyone needing a little professional guidance through some of the challenges of pet ownership.



We are excited to host Katie and Rob from Lucky Dogs Training and More on the first Saturday of each month from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. for an open forum Q&A session.  There is no cost for this, so feel free to come with any questions you may have to help you better understand your pet.


Liz's Place holds drop-in puppy socialization playgroups throughout November and December of 2023.  Please check our Monthly Events page for dates and times.  Our socialization playgroups are designed for puppies 10 to 24 weeks of age.  There will be free play in our unique socialization area, specifically curated with various activities, textures, smells, and challenges to help young dogs gain confidence and interact appropriately with the world around them. Best of all, your puppy will go home happy AND exhausted!  Each playgroup will also include brief interludes of puppy obedience sprinkled throughout.  

A minimum of two parvo/distemper vaccinations are required.  There is no commitment with our drop-in playgroups; attend one or attend all!  The cost is $25 per playgroup.  Please email to register in advance.  

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